Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Exciting Coffee News!

The Roasterie Cafe: Now featuring TOTAL ECLIPSE wonderful new dark roast! (It's so new it doesn't have a logo yet!)

Spectacular and exhilarating, a total eclipse is a rare phenomena witnessed by only a few. It's this dark and unique beauty that has been captured in our new dark roast blend. Total eclipse is unbelievably smooth and balanced. A harmonious mix of ripe black berry and rich dark chocolate explodes on the palate like sweet truffle, reminiscent of the exact moment the moon and sun unite in the sky. The finish is long and lingering with a syrupy caramel tone that is both clean and sophisticated. This is truly a luscious dark blend, and you may just remember for a life time.

Total Eclipse was originally designed for exclusive release at the Roasterie Cafe in Brookside, but after rave reviews we've decided to share this "exhilarating phenomena" with everyone. Find it online at: .

The next true eclipse in Kansas City won't be until 2017, but who says we all can't start the celebration today!

Still looking for dad the perfect Father's Day Gift?

In case you missed it, our MyBlend custom coffee blend program was featured in the July issue of O Magazine! Order yours today and send Dad an email to let him know his custom blend is on the way to him, complete with a custom label that you designed yourself! It will be one of the most exciting gifts he'll ever receive! It is super simple, answer a couple questions about what Dad likes, upload your favorite picture if you'd like, give it a name of your choice and it's on it's way! We are offering a special price, free shipping, and a free gift! Check it out today at

We received a 90 on Coffee Review!

Coffee Review

The Roasterie is proud to announce that its Roasterie Reserve Bufcoffee Nyarusiza of Rwanda was been given the outstanding rating of 90 by This score is a direct reflection of the hard work and skill that went into growing and preparing this special coffee. There is only a small quantity still available so place your order today!
Bufcoffee Nyarusiza's Story:

Ten years ago specialty coffee production in Rwanda was just a distant dream for many small land holders in Rwanda who had survived their tragic genocide. Today however, the tide has turned. Thanks to tremendous support from USAID, the PEARL development project, and investment from individuals and organizations across the specialty coffee industry Rwanda has been able to hold its first Cup of Excellence competition.

With great pride we have the opportunity to share with Kansas City a fantastic award winning coffee with a beautiful story. Our coffee comes from the Bufcoffee coop, presented by Nkundiye Innocent from the south western growing region of Nyarusiza. Bufcoffee is owned and managed by a strong and dynamic woman, Epiphanie Muhashyaka. Begun nearly ten years ago with virtually no capital and even fewer producers Bufcoffee has risen to become a leader in the Rwandan specialty coffee movement. Epiphanie's facility now accommodates coffee from thousands of farms, both big and small. Her success has made her an inspiration for women throughout her community, and for continued development of specialty coffee in Rwanda.

Epiphanie personally oversaw the collection of coffee from nearly 400 small land owners in Nyarusiza to create this magical 18 bag lot of high grown Bourbon. Nkundiye was then selected by these farmers to represent them at the Cup of Excellence competition. Delicately processed, fermented and dried on raised African beds, our Nyarusiza lot is a beautiful example of the complexity and balance that can be achieved through skilled farming and grading. A sweet lemon citrus acidity compliments the overwhelmingly lush and juicy body. Sophisticated ginger and cinnamon spice creates a balance with flavorful black current and ripe plum layered in a smooth finish.

Check out the review at:

Order online at:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Brookside Cafe: Best of KC

Hey Roasterie Café fans!

It’s time to vote…if you are so inclined:)

Please click the link below and vote for The Roasterie Café for best coffee shop in KC. Thank you very much! This means a lot to our team.


Danny O’Neill

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