Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cupping Notes: Newly Acquired Coffees

As many of you may know The Roasterie has a line of micro-lot coffees called The Roasterie Reserves. These coffees are purchased in small quantities and are chosen for their unique flavor profiles. We just love tasting and buying new coffees and this program gives us the ability to always be on the hunt for something fresh and exciting.

We are launching our new Rwandan Cup of Excellence today as a matter of fact. This is an amazing coffee which I spoke of in my previous blog.

Below are the cupping notes for two more Reserve coffees that we have recently purchased which should be available in the next month. Enjoy:

Brazil Fair Trade Organic Coorpol Natural
Major pleasing tobacco hints, gentle sweetness, medium low acidity, spicy complexities, delicate fruit notes as it cools, quiet hints of almond.

Tanzania Ruvuma
Great aroma, complex, full body, mega fruits, peach, apricot, sweet, sweet honey on tongue, bright in the cup, lush finish, pronounced peach hints as it cools.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Pics from Rwanda

We will be launching a new Roasterie Reserve coffee this month exclusively on theroasterie.com and at The Roasterie Café. As you may already know I recently visited Rwanda and was extremely impressed with the infrastructure of the country as well as the kindness and pride of the people there.

Ten years ago specialty coffee production in Rwanda was just a distant dream for many small land holders in Rwanda who had survived the tragedies of the early nineties. Today however, the tide has turned. Thanks to tremendous support from USAID, the PEARL development project, and investment from individuals and organizations across the specialty coffee industry Rwanda has been able to hold its first Cup of Excellence competition!

With great pride we have the opportunity to share this fantastic, award winning coffee. Bufcoffee Nyarusiza comes from the Bufcoffee Coop, presented by Nkundiye Innocent from the southwestern growing region. Begun nearly ten years ago, with virtually no capital, and even fewer producers Bufcoffee has risen to become a leader in the Rwandan specialty coffee movement. We will be launching this coffee April 14th so keep an eye out!

I posted some photos of my trip here: